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China Vendors

  • Processing Time: 1 – 3 working days
  • Shipping Time: 1 to 2½ weeks
  • Shipping Fees: None, Nada, Free.

USA Vendors

  • Currently working out the kinks

Shipping To

Currently only shipping to United States

  • Shipping to countries outside of United States are coming soon

Care to become our vendor?

No matter where you are located, from bottom of the ocean or far away from Mars, big or small, from 1 item to 9000 items, glassblower to store owner you are all welcome.
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Discrete strong packaging is required from all of our vendors.


Tracking information will be available to you as soon as processing is over and shipped.

Name shown on credit card statement

For Discrete & Privacy

Select Paypal (takes credit card also)

Reason: Due to nature of some products and customers request.


Lost or damaged package?
Fear not and calm down.
Contact us and we will sort it out for you.